*****Breaking News!*****

Sunday September 1, 2019.: Click here for kitten photos
Much to my surprise, after giong into town to pick up some kitten food, in preparation for our big day……..I came home to Daisy under my bed, with the first of 4 kittens born. What a fiasco. She had given no iminent signs that birthing was close.
Kitten 1: Time of Birth; Unknown. Weight; 113 grams. Color: Silver
Kitten 2: Time of Brith 5:30 pm Weight: 138 grams Color Silver
Kitten 3: Time of Brith 6;19 pm Weight 1112 grams Color: Black? Smoke?
Kitten 4: Time of Birth 8:09 pm Weight 129 grams Color: Blue Stillborn 🙁

I’m so incredibly sad we lost the bealutifl and only Blue in the litter.. Here’s hoping the remaining 3 thrive. More news as they grow.

On 8/20/19 Daisy had her x-rays and it looks like we are expecting 4 kittens. Keep watch for the latest news!

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