My love for Maine Coons began back in the mid 1990s with the purchase of a beautiful blue silver mackerel tabby girl named Smokeycoons Azure Jewel of Firerose. Izzy passed away back on January 3, 2014. a few months shy of her 18th birthday.

I began a quest to find another blue silver mack girl. I was emailing many breeders and on many wait lists. Nothing came available. My then domestic short haired cat, Salem, and Izzy’s best friend was aging and began having his health issues, so I put my search on hold for a couple of years. On February 9, 2018 at over 20 years of age, Salem left to be back with his best friend. My search for a maine coon became quite real again.

I started by emailing all those breeders again. No one had any blue silvers. I found a black silver and then decided to wait for a blue. I had been in touch with a breeder in Arizona, Kimberi of Pitaracoon who would be having kittens, but did not have any at the time I was looking so I pressed on.

Months later, still searching, I happened to get a Facebook feed and one of Kimberli’s kitten was still available. I sent her a message but she did not ship kittens.

A good friend of mine, Nancy has a sister in Phoenix. It just so happened that she would be visiting over 4th of July. So yep, I hit her up (knowing purrfectly well she is cat lover) and asked if Daisy could hitch a ride. Of course Stephanie could not say no to a kitten!

Literally the planets aligned and Daisy arrived July 2018.

Since then, we have been showing in TICA. It’s been quite the learning experience. After competing in a handful of shows I decided I would like to breed these beautiful cats. I soon began my search for yet, another kitten.

In February 2019, my beautiful boy Tengri came to me all the way from Kazakhstan, from Mariya of Maine Marie Cattery.

I want to thank these two amazing breeders for entrusting me with their cats. We hope to have our first litter in late summer or early fall 2019.

Until then, you may catch us at some local Pacific Northwest TICA shows.