About Our Kittens

I recently had my first litter since 7/2022.  I hope to have a couple more before the end of 2024.

All kittens will be spayed or neutered prior to going to their new home.  This is not negotiable.

Kittens are ready for their new home typically around 15 to 16 weeks, once they have had 2 sets of shots and have recovered from their alter surgery.

If you are interested in a kitten from Aoi Neko cattery, the first step is to complete the kitten questionaire below.

Please note that completing the form in no way express, implies or guarantees your will obtain a kitten.

The answers you provide may be used to begin additional dialogue as I begin to assess if I have something that would be an amazing fit for your home and lifestyle.

Kittens are sentient beings with individual personalities and sometimes the one you think you must have, may not be the best purrsonality for your lifestyle.

My goal is to provide you and one of my babies, a very long lifetime of love and companionship.  Maine Coons can easily live upwards of 18 years.

I do not accept prepaid deposits to hold a spot for kittens that have not yet arrived or been planned. 

While completing the kitten questionaire does put you on an list that I maintain, it does not guarantee I will reach out when a litter is born. 

Please check the webpage or instragram to keep up to date on planned breedings and available kittens.  I typically only have kittens availabe once or twice a year.

If you are offerred an oppotunity to have a kitten join your home, you will be provided a contract for your review.

If you agree with the contract, you will be asked at that time to sign as a commitment to purchase and a reservation fee will become due.  

As part of my commitment to new owners my contract includes:

  • a health guarentee
  • TICA registration which I initiate and pay for on the new owners behalf
  • Microchip and chip registration (which I register and pay for on the new owner’s behalf).  Kitten/cat microchip will remain associated with me and my cattery for it’s life time.
  • 30 days of free health insurance.  


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