Updates and additions

I have been a bit remiss in updating the web page.  Mostly because it takes a LOT of time for this non-techy girl to remember how to do things 🙂

Now that my excuses are out of the way……Decisions made –

Brandy will be staying here in the cattery.  I hope she continues to develop well and if so, I will be breeding her to outside boy, since the only boy I have is her father.

Bramble has been altered and he will be heading out soon on a trial with his brother Whiskey (formerly Baxter).  If the boys remember each other and get along again, he will have his forever home there, and I will be able to take him to the occassional show as an alter.

And the BIG news……

It appears Kumiko is indeed pregnant.  More to come on the the number of kittens.  I just hope she likes her own, cause she is stinker to everyone else.

And the BIGGEST NEWS….If you have not already been to the Girls page….

Welcome Home Flame!

I’m really excited to have this girl in my cattery.  She is a lovely Black Torbie with with white and I expect big things from her 🙂

Thank you Becky at Bigrivercoons for this lovely girl.

Officially – Bigrivercoon Lite MyFire of Aoi Neko (Kelimcoons Prism x RW SGC Bigrivercoon Flint).

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