Change in breeding plans/delays :(

Well things didn’t go quite as planned. 🙂

I had planned on breeding Daisy in June to Tengri and then send her daughter Brandy to an outside boy in late September.  Unfortunately, Brandy got out for literally a few minutes and I had an oops  breeding.  I had hoped it did not take, but of course, since this was not a breeding I wanted…..she was pregnant.

The kittens are lovely and there are 2 of them.   They are 5.5 weeks old   They will be placed as pets.   Brandy did have her hips xrayed.  My vet said they looked ok and for some reason Pawpeds has not been able to open the the xrays.  They were mailed twice and emailed about 2 weeks ago and we are still waiting for final evaluation results.  Her heart echo is scheduled in a couple weeks.  So all tests will be complete before the kittens leave.

Daisy I hope to breed on her next cycle.

Flame will be heading to another  1 or 2 shows, and I hope to Breed her the around the first of the year 2022.

Danny I hope to show in November, and then I will decide if he stays as a future stud here or if I will alter and place him.

So that’s all for now 🙂

PS Remember, if you still want to stay on the wait list, send me an email every 4 months or so.  If you have found your forever friend, congratulations 🙂 and please, please let me know so I can remove you and update my list.  I know the wait from me is long, and I don’t blame you for not wanting to wait 🙂


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