Show Update

Kumiko did well at her 2nd show in Ferndale.  She made one final, 8th All Breed.   While we were there, Dr. Woodfield was holding an echocardiogram clinic.  We didn’t sign up originally, but he was able to fit us in.  Happy to report, her heart is clear and healthy.  Test results are on her page.

Since the Ferndale show, TICA has finalized the January TNCC show results and has issue titles.

So, it is official –  introducing:

Back to the show ring.

I have missed some shows since Kumiko arrived at the same time as the kittens were born.   So we are now back at it.

We had a good time at the TNCC show January 25 and 26, 2020.

This was Kumiko’s first show as an adult. She made one final, so we were happy about that.

This was Artemis’ first kitten show.  She was a trooper.

Looking forward to our next outing.  Here are a couple photos of each.



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