Christmas Kittens…..

Well, it’s Christmas eve and Kumiko is still holding on to those babies 🙂  Maybe we will have Christmas kittens.

The vet says there are 6 little beans in there.  I’m not good a deciphering kittens, but here is my best guess at what he sees.

Finger crossed for a easy and uneventful birthing.

Updates and Big News

I have been a bit remiss in updated the webpage.  Mostly because it takes a LOT of time for this non-techy girl to remembe how to do it.

Now that the excuses are out of the way… goes….

Brandy will be staying in the cattery.  I hope she continues to develop well and that I can continue to show her and breed her to an outside boy.  Currently the only the boy I have his her father, so here’s hoping my plans work out.

Bramber has been altered and he will be going on a trial soon with his brother Whiskey (formerly Baxter).  If the boys remember each other and it all works out, he will be living close by and I can take him to the occassional show.

Big News…..Kumiko is indeed pregnant.  Will post soon on the the number she is expecting.  Here’s hoping she likes her own kittens cause she is a stinker to everyone else.



Welcome Home Flame!!

If you have not yet been to the girls page…..I am really excited to introduce our new girl, whom I expect great things from in the future.

Bigrivercoon Lite MyFire of Aoi Neko (Kelimcoons Prism of Bigrivercoon x RW SGC Bigrivercoon Flint).

Thank You! Becky at Bigrivercoon for allowing me the opportunity add this girl to my cattery.

6/13/20 Welcome to the world Daisy x Tengri Kittens

Beginning at 10:14 am and ending at 5:34 pm, Daisy and Tengri brought 5 little kittens into this world. it’s looking like there will be a blue ticked tabby (silver?), Blue Silver Classic Tabby, 2 black silver classic tabby and a black silver ticked tabby.
Very happy to report everyone appears to be doing well so this first 24 hours 🙂

More to come in the days ahead. Be sure to follow Instagram for the most up to date candid photos.

Kittens coming soon :)

Daisy had her check up on Wednesday and x-rays confirm there are some kittens in there (CH Maine Marie Tengri of Aoi Neko x Pitaracoon Nana Daisy of Aoi Neko).   Vet says 5, I see 6 possibly 8, if I am not simply seing duplicates on the top view, and one of my breeder friends says she sees 9!   Only Daisy and mother nature know for sure.

I hope to have some news in a week or so.   New will likely be posted first on Instagram or Facebook 🙂  Simply because it’s is easier to update than the web page 🙂

Stay tuned 🙂  And while you wait…..

How many do YOU see!

BTW, If you submtted an questionaire and are currently on my wait list, Please check your email!  I would appreciate it if you could reply and let me know if you are interested in remaining on the list.  Thank You!

Another month + of Staying Home

Well, looks like I will be working from home for a while.  Maybe through June.

I hope you are all faring well and that we won’t have a 2nd round of illnesses once we start opening up and getting back to doing things we used to take for granted!

In the mean time, it looks like I will have some kittens in June.  Daisy was bred the week of April 8 and though not confirmed pregnant, I’d say by the looks of her, I will be having kittens.  I plan on having her x-rayed at the end of the month to confirm how many to expect, so keep posted on that!

In the mean time…..Be Kind and Stay Well!

Stay Home Stay Safe -Do your part :)

Hi All,

I hope everyone is staying home and staying safe.  These are unusual times.

Looks like we’re in it for another 30 days!  I don’t know about you, but my cats are tired of me hanging around so much lol

I’m thankful that my main employer is allowing me to work from home and my 2nd employer (only a few hours a week) is still paying me to not work.

I am still planning on an litter this summer.  Hopefully to be born in mid-June AFTER the Bon Jovi Concert!  Best laid plans, right!

So if you are waiting for a kitten from me, be sure to keep an eye out on future posts either here, instagram or facebook.   This will be a Daisy/Tengri litter.  I am also planning a fall litter if things go well from Rocket (Kumiko) and Tengri.

In the mean time….BE WELL!

Headbutts and Purrs from the Aoi Neko crew.

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