Kittens coming soon :)

Daisy had her check up on Wednesday and x-rays confirm there are some kittens in there (CH Maine Marie Tengri of Aoi Neko x Pitaracoon Nana Daisy of Aoi Neko).   Vet says 5, I see 6 possibly 8, if I am not simply seing duplicates on the top view, and one of my breeder friends says she sees 9!   Only Daisy and mother nature know for sure.

I hope to have some news in a week or so.   New will likely be posted first on Instagram or Facebook 🙂  Simply because it’s is easier to update than the web page 🙂

Stay tuned 🙂  And while you wait…..

How many do YOU see!

BTW, If you submtted an questionaire and are currently on my wait list, Please check your email!  I would appreciate it if you could reply and let me know if you are interested in remaining on the list.  Thank You!

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