Stay Home Stay Safe -Do your part :)

Hi All,

I hope everyone is staying home and staying safe.  These are unusual times.

Looks like we’re in it for another 30 days!  I don’t know about you, but my cats are tired of me hanging around so much lol

I’m thankful that my main employer is allowing me to work from home and my 2nd employer (only a few hours a week) is still paying me to not work.

I am still planning on an litter this summer.  Hopefully to be born in mid-June AFTER the Bon Jovi Concert!  Best laid plans, right!

So if you are waiting for a kitten from me, be sure to keep an eye out on future posts either here, instagram or facebook.   This will be a Daisy/Tengri litter.  I am also planning a fall litter if things go well from Rocket (Kumiko) and Tengri.

In the mean time….BE WELL!

Headbutts and Purrs from the Aoi Neko crew.

Show Update

Kumiko did well at her 2nd show in Ferndale.  She made one final, 8th All Breed.   While we were there, Dr. Woodfield was holding an echocardiogram clinic.  We didn’t sign up originally, but he was able to fit us in.  Happy to report, her heart is clear and healthy.  Test results are on her page.

Since the Ferndale show, TICA has finalized the January TNCC show results and has issue titles.

So, it is official –  introducing:

Back to the show ring.

I have missed some shows since Kumiko arrived at the same time as the kittens were born.   So we are now back at it.

We had a good time at the TNCC show January 25 and 26, 2020.

This was Kumiko’s first show as an adult. She made one final, so we were happy about that.

This was Artemis’ first kitten show.  She was a trooper.

Looking forward to our next outing.  Here are a couple photos of each.



Ready for homes soon

The girls were both spayed on December 20th.  They will be ready to go home in 7-10 days.

They are still available.

13 weeks old already!

Wow, where does the time go?

It’s hard to believe the girls are 13 weeks as of 12/1.  They just had their 2nd set of shots and they are scheduled for the spays on 12/20.  They will be ready to move to their new homes, right after the Holidays.

Its going to be so hard to see them go. They love sleeping on the bed with me at night.  Oh, What fun these 2 have been.  Such little characters and so, so beautiful.

We have Kittens!

Sunday September 1, 2019.
Much to my surprise, after going into town to pick up some kitten food, in preparation for our big day……..I came home to Daisy under my bed, with the first of 4 kittens born. What a fiasco. She had given no imminent signs that birthing was close.
Kitten 1: Time of Birth; Unknown. Weight; 113 grams. Color: Silver
Kitten 2: Time of Brith 5:30 pm Weight: 138 grams Color Silver
Kitten 3: Time of Brith 6;19 pm Weight 1112 grams Color: Black? Smoke?
Kitten 4: Time of Birth 8:09 pm Weight 129 grams Color: Blue Stillborn 🙁

I’m so incredibly sad we lost the beautiful and only Blue in the litter.. Here’s hoping the remaining 3 thrive. More news as they grow.

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